A s our companies have grown, so have our space program offerings. Today, Atec offers complete program execution for complex equipment and systems. Earlier emphasis was on Atec’s proven abilities to manufacture critical launch and flight components. Full design using Model Based Definition and CADAM/CMM techniques has since followed. Today, with our success involving rocket engines, electronic modules, space capules, space station, complex physical & environmental testing, cost feasibility, and design tasking, Atec is now offering full Program Management services for critical component streams, complex equipment lines and major systems.

Following NASA’s announcement of Atec as their Subcontractor of the Year in April 2017, we have seen the volume and breadth of our space business inquiries grow dramatically. Additional engineering and program personnel have been added, now with over 110 engineers in our 65 year old organization. Documentation production personnel including experienced technical writers, SGML graphics producers, CAD designers and configuration coordinators have seen their group expanded.

Test facilities for high pressure gaseous and hydrostatic testing up to 20,000 psi have recently been constructed. New CNC multi-axis machining centers have been added to increase our capabilities and capacity. Atec demonstrated our longstanding quality management system commitment by recently renewing our AS9100 certification to Revision D. In short, we are now playing a larger program role for our space industry customers.