A tec, Inc. designs, fabricates and commissions a variety of fuel delivery, conditioning and measurement systems for jet engine testing operations worldwide. We can provide skid-mounted storage, pump and filter packages, and skid-mounted accumulator packages specifically designed to meet the needs of your facility and turbine engine testing requirements. Celtech and Vital Link add design and manufacturing depth to our fuel system products and sustainment efforts. Major improvements have been made to our fuel system designs over the last two years, and our refined system was tested and accepted for US military use in 2017.

Key Features

  • Field-proven packaged designs to support all APU, turboshaft and turbofan engine facilities, including military afterburn engines up to 90,000 lb/hr flow rate using 3″ stainless lines
  • Proven supply system for multiple engine platforms
  • A drop-in replacement for existing A/M37T-20 fuel pumping trailer system with many additional features
  • Pump/filter package and accumulator skid package are independent for user placement optimization and ease of shipment
  • Single and double-wall fuel storage tanks are available to meet your facility requirements, including UL142, UL2080, & UL2085
  • Fuel flow measurement is integrated on-skid using Coriolis mass flow technology
  • Skid packages are pre-assembled at Atec’s factory to facilitate quick site installation and piping connection
  • The system is fully compatible with all existing engine adapter kits and equipment, including all F100 engine types

High Capacity Fuel Delivery System

  • Standard configuration provides up to 90,000 lb/hr flow rate (custom flow rates available)
  • Proven systems installed in the field for military afterburning engine test facilities
  • Double-wall fuel storage tank (U.L. 142 Label; S-2 DW)
  • Standard system configuration:
    • Up to 8,000 USG horizontal tank
    • 250 gpm + flow capacity
  • Accumulators Standard
  • Class 1, Division 1 compliant
  • Direct replacement for fuel pumping trailer systems
  • Coriolis mass flow, density measurement and totalization set the standard for reliability, accuracy and reduced maintenance costs (turbine flow meter packages also available)

Custom Design Fuel Delivery System

  • Atec will design a complete turnkey fuel storage, conditioning, delivery, and measurement solution to your specific engine testing facility
  • Custom tank sizes & turbofan flow meters available
  • Upgrade services available to recondition existing fuel delivery systems

Project Experience

  • Edwards AFB for Engine Test Support (Open Air Test Site)
  • Lockheed Martin/USAF/USN JRB Test Cell (Ft.Worth, TX) for JSF Engine Test Support
  • USN Test Cell (PAX River) for JSF Engine Test Support
  • USAF/FMS T-10 Test Cell for Poland PAADF, F-16 / F100-229 Engine Test Support
  • HAF (Araxos, Greece) for PW F100-229 Engine Test Support
  • USN (NAS Kingsville, TX & Meridian, MS) for Multi-Engine Test Support (F405)
  • USAF/ANG (Springfield, IL) F100-GE-100/129
  • USAF/ANG (New Orleans, LA) F100-PW-229
  • USAF/ AETC Laughlin AFB (Del Rio, TX) J85
  • USAF (Elmendorf AFB, Alaska) F119

Low Capacity Fuel Delivery System

  • Proven systems installed in the field for A250 turboshaft engine test facilities
  • Standard configuration applicable to most APU and turboshaft engine test facilities
  • Packaged skid-mounted fuel, tank, pump and conditioning system
  • Fuel flow and density measurement package utilizing coriolis mass flow technology (turbine flow meter packages also available)
  • Model 4760 double-wall fuel storage tank (U.L. 142 Label; S-2 DW)
  • Standard system configuration:
    • Up to 8,000 USG horizontal tank
    • Up to 75 USGPM flow capacity
  • Larger motors & pumps available for increased flow capacity
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