AeroEngine Test Cells Overview

A tec’s staff has extensive experience with all facets of jet engine test cells and flight component support. We provide our customers with low cost, quality maintenance facilities and equipment that support testing of all types of turbine engines: turbofans, turbojets, turboprops, turboshafts, and APUs.  Atec is an Engine Test Cell Lincensee of Honeywell and Pratt & Whitney, with additional OEM licenses applications in process. Recent innovations include a large Phoenix modular fan cell for a US bizjet MRO, automated large cell and portable testing ADAQs for two large European firms, leading edge hush houses for overhead testing of advanced military engines, indoor air handling & test configurations for large turboprop engines and numerous skidded utilities subsystems for test cell applications. Lower cost, quieter, lighter, relocatable, COTS maintainable and computer modeled describe our test cells and systems. Atec is an industry leader in engineering, procuring, manufacturing, constructing, and integrating turnkey turbine test cell systems and engine-specific facility modifications.  Our business is worldwide for new test cells, test cell modifications, engine test adapters, ADAQ™ control systems, support equipment,  test benches, utilities subsystems, site surveys, repairs and training and MSAs. 

Atec strives to be the best value choice for all turbine engine test cell needs, whether for new facilities, modifications or sustainment. Vital Link is famous for best value solutions in jet engine test enclosures and complements our total team offerings. Our experience covers the broadest variety of turbine engine types for both military and commercial applications. Atec’s turbine test cell advantages versus other companies include applications for high bypass, afterburner, turbojet and directed thrust jets, as well as helicopter, propeller, tank, marine, powergen and compressor engine uses. Our engineering experience is combined with the latest computer modeling software to provide quality solutions with low acquisition and operating costs. Atec offers the most flexible contracting options in the industry—call us about your turbine test cell needs.

Engine Types


  • JT8-15, JT8-17, JT8-200, JT9, JT15, PT6, T55, T64
  • PW2000, PW4000, V2500
  • CFM56-3, CFM56-5, CFM56-7, CJ610, CF6-50, CF6-80C
  • CF34, CF700
  • 501KB/C, M250, M300, M500
  • TPE331, TFE731, CFE731
  • Most APUs


  • F100-100, -200, -220, -220E, -229
  • F117, F119, F135, J52, TF30, J58
  • J85, J79, F101, F110-129, F110-132, F404, F414
  • F118, TF-34, T700, 501C/D, F124, F125
  • T56, AE2100, T53, PT6