A tec has built test adapters for a wide variety of engines from high bypass fan engines to small APU engines.

Testing a new engine type in your existing jet engine test cell can be challenging, and upgrade modifications will be needed. Atec does not view an adapter as just a mechanical weldment that simply mates the engine to the aeroengine thrust stand. Our engineers realize that additional items will be needed in the facility to insure total project success. During the planning phase, Atec engineers can visit your existing facility and/or review videos to make a comprehensive assessment of the integration needed to add a new engine type to your testing facility. Atec can perform airflow, acoustics, FEA and sub systems analyses to ensure that any new engine added to your jet engine test cell will have the proper capacity to perform properly. Vital Link’s F135 ETA kit further bolsters our expertise in high thrust engine test handling.

Customers can contract with Atec for any and all items needed to add the new engine to the facility.

Adapter Kit:

• Adapter, plus any needed intermediate adapter
• Control System (DAQ) and Software modifications
• Coupling Plates, Spring Beams, Pylons
• Nacelle Equipment, Nozzles and Bellmouths
• Dress Equipment and Accessories

Systems Review:

• Engine Handling – Monorails, Hoists, Trolleys, Storage Stands, Carts, Work Stations
• Engine Air Start – Compressor Systems, Gearboxes, Hoses, Connectors
• Fuel & Oil – Pumps, Tanks, Valves, Lines, Filters, Accumulators
• Instrumentation – Control Rooms, Junction Boxes, Gages, Sensors, Transducers
• Throttle Interface – Control Rooms, Engine, Automations, Cabling, Actuators
• Data System (DAQ) – Computer Hardware, Operating Software, Engine TPS, Sensors, PLCs

Atec has adapted and modified many test facilities built by other companies, including the installation of engine adapters into existing thrust stands designed by others.

The correlation of the facility is usually arranged by the test cell owner with the engine OEM. Atec stands ready to assist our Customers with planning and fine-tuning to promptly achieve correlation.

Test Adapter Features/Options:

  • Designed to Customer & Atec Safety Factors
  • CFD Analysis of Potential Air Flow and Acoustic Impacts
  • FEA Analysis of Mechanical Items
  • NDT & Load Testing of the Completed Adapter
  • Sub Systems/Utilities Sizing
  • Standard Adapter Components
    • Mate to thrust stand – alignment, cone bolts, stops
    • Engine sensors, connections, coupling plates
    • Required flex mounts, isolators, guides
    • Pneumatic and electric harnesses
    • Cowling & Bellmouth – fire suppression and airflow
  • All Designed, Built and Installed to AS9100C Standards, ISO9001, MJIL-STDs, CE, Other



Atec highly recommends collaborative contracting for test cell modification programs. This collaborative approach gets Atec engineers and customer personnel working together on common needs assessment, specification, budget and schedule. Fixed price contracting can also be arranged. The project can be organized several ways depending on circumstances. Often times, OEM licensing may be involved.

  • Turnkey – Atec can supply a turnkey project which would include adapter, engine control system, test software, test nacelle equipment and other dress equipment. In short, a customer can contract with Atec for all items needed to add to the engine facility.
  • Joint – Atec can supply many of the items listed above such as the adapter, engine control and software. The test cell owner may already have or can procure some items such as the test nacelle and dress kit from the OEM or other sources. Sometimes used or salvaged equipment can be refurbished by Atec.
  • Teamed – In these cases the test cell owner elects to procure some equipment from Atec, such as the test adapter, and other items from another test cell supplier, such as an upgrade to an existing, recently installed software package. Atec has a long history of working professionally with designated suppliers or even our competitors in such cases.