n 2013, the United States Air Force and Warner Robins ALC awarded Atec a 5 year repair contract for A/M37T-20 & A/M37T-21 type test stands worldwide.

Our leadership in test cell repair was already well established prior to the granting of the Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Repairs and Support contract thanks in part to Atec’s 24/7 Toll-Free Hotline, Electronic problem reporting, Remote troubleshooting assistance, 90 engineers expert in Depot and Intermediate engine test, and the most experienced Field Services team in the business. Now, the Hotline is available to Vital Link, Celtech and Hager customers. Vital Link’s Hush House IDIQ teams further strengthen our field services.


But IDIQ required a lot more from us. With repair orders in full swing, Atec Field Teams immediately started communication with operating bases in order to coordinate a total team approach. Speedy Maintenance matched with long term Sustainment was emphasized to improve readiness. Configuration control and compatibility fosters field effectiveness. Obsolescence needed to be addressed with compatible technology refreshment during timely repairs. We are committed to best value continuous incremental improvement for our Air Force repairs customer.

Since obtaining the contract, Atec Field Service Teams—comprised of engineers, technicians, and logisticians both Atec (and Celtech)—have been deployed to various air bases across the globe to support and repair T-20/T-21 systems. Atec has doubled the size of our field service group to ensure timely performance. Additionally, we have enlarged our inventories of long lead items to accommodate USAF needs. We emphasize quick repairs that put broken equipment back in service first, followed by needed ECs and other maintenance and sustainment program work.

Vital Link, Inc. is a new subsidiary. Their field teams dealing with hush houses & noise suppressors are widely praised by the USAF and Allies worldwide. VLI holds a 5 year IDIQ contract with the USAF to repair test enclosures utilizing a seasoned field services group. Now tied to Atec’s and Celtech’s test stands and systems maintainers, we jointly offer the finest military test facility support on the planet.

Atec, Inc. has a strong reputation in the Turbine Engine Test Cell Industry that is built upon a very high degree of service and quality over a 64 year history. We have handled Hush Houses/Noise Suppressors and associated equipment for many years for repairs, maintenance, technology refreshment and relocations. Atec is a recognized expert in the test cell field and regularly works with the U.S. Air Force providing these types of Atec & other OEM items and services in support of the Joint Strike Fighter (F-35), the Advanced Tactical Fighter (F-22), F-15, F-16, B-1, A-10, T-38, F-5, C-130 and other aircraft.

  • T-21 Stand
  • Repair Shipment
  • DAQ
  • T-20 Stand
  • Control Cab
  • Thrust Stand
  • Data System
  • Fuel System

Atec, Inc., as a responsible OEM, strives to offer repair services for all currently fielded equipment including legacy and obsolete gear. Energy customers also benefit from the repair experience of Hager Machine & Tool, Celtech, Vital Link ate Atec in oil patch equipment. Repairs can be conducted at Atec’s factory in SW Houston (Stafford) TX, Hager’s shop in North Houston TX, Vital Link’s campus in Sealy TX, and Celtech’s plant in Carlsbad NM. Our field service representatives are equipped and ready to meet your servicing needs worldwide, and have the full consultation of our 75 engineers at our manufacture plants.  Initial phone consultation with our technicians can provide telephone troubleshooting, as well as guidance on any evaluation of the equipment needing repairs.  Where pre-repair evaluations are conducted, repairs are not undertaken until evaluations are transmitted to our clients, repair options priced and approved client instructions are received.

Equipment that is repaired at Atec, Celtech, Vital Link and Hager facilities follows the following ISO9001 process:

  1. Purchase order is received from the Customer initiating equipment evaluation.
  2. Equipment is received and inspected for shipping damage.  A receiving inspection report is generated and the equipment is tagged as Customer Owned Material.
  3. The equipment is evaluated against the standard Acceptance Test Procedures used on new equipment.  All deviations are noted and an Evaluation Report is generated along with the recommended repair process and materials.
  4. The repair is quoted to the customer to allow for a cost analysis to be performed.
  5. If the repair is approved, the equipment is moved to a Production Work Order and the repair process flows through the same process as current production work.
  6. Once the repair is complete, the item is tested per the Acceptance Test Procedure and inspected by the Quality Assurance Department.  Final Repair Reports are generated and the repaired item is shipped back to the customer.

Hush House Support Services

• Hush House Relocation &   Refurbishment
• Roof Repair & Replacement
• Deflector & Augmenter Repairs & Repack
• Main Door Repair & Refurbishment
• Complete Facility Painting
• Roll-Up Doors
• Bay Area Lighting
• Bay Area Heaters
• CCTV Systems
• Intercom Systems
• Bay Area Floor Painting
• Movable Vane Repair & Upgrade
• Control Room Upgrades & Modifications
• Support, Engineering & Project Management
• Modifications for High Thrust Engines
• Full Manufacturing

Need On-Site Assistance?

On-site repairs can vary depending on the state of the equipment and complexity of the repair.  These require coordination with our Field Services, Manufacturing, and Engineering departments.

Contact a Contracts Administrator for the initialization of a field repair, or get urgent assistance via our 24/7 hotline at 1-877-514-2218.