Atec, Inc.’s versatile Accounting Department was recently audited by DCAA and found to have a (CAS) compliant accounting system. We are actively involved in the coordination of our projects and fully capable of mitigating between customers and project management.

Our Cost Accounting Standards compliant Accounting system is adept at invoicing and charging accurately. Whether we are working with commercial or government entities within our industry, we have the administrative infrastructure to accurately handle contracts and billings in a timely manner. Our accountants are skilled at handling the various types of contracts that Atec utilizes, including:

  • Cost-Plus Fee/Reimbursement
  • Firm Fixed-Price & Fixed-Price Incentive
  • Incentive & CollaborativeGlobal Shop Solutions
  • Indefinite Delivery-Indefinite Quantity
  • Time & Materials/Labor Hours
  • Blanket with Task Orders
  • Field Crew Multi Site Regulated

Our accountants keep extremely detailed records and generate cost reports, which are accessible to Project Managers and Contract Administrators. Maintaining transparency between departments, to the extent possible within each contract, keeps everyone aware of the needs of our clients and emphasizes the importance of every role of a job. Our Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, Global Shop, maintains interconnectivity between the departments of our company, keeping everyone in line and informed as a project progresses.  Vital Link has contributed significant expertise to our remote site, construction and field work contracting and accounting capabilities.

The Cost build up approach taken by our Accounting department is just one of the ways we’ve refined our procedures, assigning costs specifically and in detail to assess the true cost of an activity, as opposed to a general cost share system. Whenever possible, we strive to charge directly and we always let our clients know exactly what and where the costs are. We make the best decisions possible and want our clients to have the ability to do the same. Atec is audited by BDO annually, and by various customers, agencies and financial institutions per contractual obligations. Beyond the supervision of our CFO, the audit and risk committee of our board endeavors to assure all auditing, insurances, compliances and risk mitigation meets our corporate commitments.