From 30-year experienced professionals to former USAF contracting officers, Atec has the seasoned contracts personnel to work with our engineers, buyers, project managers, and accountants to coordinate any project. We have performed under most contract forms and funding sources. Atec has recently passed accounting and systems audit for Cost Accounting Standards compliance by DCAA. CPFF, CPIF, FFP, Target Price with Split Save, NTE, Guaranteed Max, Milestones, Progress Payments, Purchase Orders, Completion Incentive/Penalty, Construction Draws, Letters of Credit, Wire Transfers, Incoterms Shipping, TAAs, Export Controls, Licensing, Permits, Teaming Agreements, IDIQs, Blankets with Task Orders, Inspection Reports, Receiving Docs, Invoicing, and more are part of our daily contracting processes.

Atec emphasizes continuity by keeping key personnel (Project Managers, Technicians, Buyers, Technical Writers, and others) involved from the estimating and pre-project phase through project completion and into maintenance planning. This builds common understanding and commitment to the project budget and goals. Typically, a Project Target is jointly developed through collaborative contracting. Today, over 75% of construction contracts are negotiated. Only 10-15% of significant construction projects involve fixed bid contracts. A cost reduction incentive (split save) on a full costs plus fee contract encourages all parties to work together to meet project goals and cut costs. Where our customer or a financial institution requires, a Guaranteed Maximum Price can also be established for the project.

Compliance is an important component of contract execution at Atec. FAR, DRAR, ITAR, FCPA, SAM, PCARSS, WEBCAV, CAVAF, DODAAC, PPIRS, CPARS, AICPA, FASB, CAS, NIST, SBA, AS9100D, ISO9001, ISO140001, CAGE Codes, UID, RFID, Cyber and many regulatory and standards programs are dealt with daily at our companies.

Contracting Vehicles:

  • F2AST
  • Seaport-e
  • PIF
  • FMS
  • FMF
  • EPaS
  • PROS V
Members of NCMA

Collaborative Contracting

Collaborative Contracting techniques are an emphasized aspect of all Atec facility projects. We believe that the advantages of Collaborative Contracting greatly exceed the potential savings of traditional competitive bidding, while fostering teamwork and transparency that contribute to overall project success. Atec’s team works exhaustively with our client’s personnel to make sure all customer departments are well represented in planning and design, which often cuts design and redesign costs. A target price is developed using a contract form that incentivizes both parties to work together to maximize and share any savings. Project schedule is usually shortened through the collaborative approach, and facility financing is usually simplified with this non-adversarial contracting.

In Collaborative Contracting mode, the customer has hands-on, continuing participation in the project. Atec emphasizes continuity by keeping key personnel involved from estimating through project completion. The Atec Project Manager is present for all phases of the project.

No contingencies, risk reserves or over estimates are needed to protect the contractor. By encouraging creativity and openness in the joint team, while avoiding communications inefficiencies, schedule slips, changes of scope and major mistakes, Atec’s emphasis on Collaborative Contracting is just another step to ensure the success of every project and the satisfaction of every client.

We highly recommend the Collaborative Contracting approach. Contact us  to discuss the benefits of collaborative contracting for your next facility.