Inspection & Training Overview

When it comes to quality, our philosophy is that quality should not be sacrificed for cost or schedule. We go to great lengths to make sure that our Quality Management System is always functioning in our activities. Atec’s QMS ensures steadfast commitment to both domestic ASQ and SAE standards as well as international ISO quality standards. Atec’s inspection labs have the latest equipment including 3 CMMs and laser/optical units. We emphasize Small Business procurement to gain speed and flexibility, and offer inspection and assistance.

Atec’s quality and performance over the last 20 years for our nation’s launch capability is widely recognized. Over the years, Atec has had many visits by NASA, United Launch Alliance, USAF, DARPA and DCMA and large Primes to gain Atec’s input on the retention of key suppliers for the US Space Program. Our Space support work has grown steadily since those key visits. Check out our certifications and photos.

Beyond critical aviation and space flight experience, and cryogenic propulsion using volatile liquid hydrogen and oxygen, Atec now is involved with electromechanical housings for sensitive lithium battery management systems, high pressure testing, as well as high temperature downhole electronics.


Atec has received 20 consecutive years of performance commendations from USDOD branches.

We go above and beyond to make sure our facilities are up to snuff, cementing our own reputation, as well as presenting the opportunity for Atec to assist other companies with preparedness for future inspections.

Atec has both internal and external inspectors with experience at construction, projects on-site, work in our plants, field service sites, and supplier plants.


Test technicians and quality assurance personnel utilize a full complement of electronic test equipment, environmental chambers, cryo-flow bench, custom test beds, software test routines and automated electromechanical tools/robotics to guarantee the reliable, accurate and long service life of our products.

Test plans, reports and data outputs are compiled, reviewed and provided for customers as needed.


Maintaining current training is an ongoing effort at Atec. Every member of our team, from the newest addition to the seasoned veteran, is required to periodically attend training sessions covering a range of topics. We emphasize staying up to date on the most cutting edge techniques, tools, and procedures within specific job roles and within our company as a whole. We constantly seek opportunities to upgrade our facilities and machinery, and as such, we keep our workforce similarly modernized. This commitment to excellence and innovation has greatly contributed to the legacy of Atec within the industry.

Our customers frequently receive training as part of their deliverables to ensure Atec facilities and systems and equipment are understood by their operating personnel. We also provide training in technological areas such as FEA, CFD and National Instruments and software programming.


  • AS9100:2016 Rev. D and ISO 9001:2015
  • Main Clean Room Certified annually to ISO14644-1, ISO Class 7
  • ISO 10012 Calibration
  • IPC 610 Soldering
  • J-STD-001GS CIS Space Addendum



For 20 consecutive years, Atec has been a quality supplier awardee of the U.S. Government. We have been specifically recognized by The Defense Supply Center Richmond Defense Agency (11 consecutive gold medals), Pratt and Whitney (Quality Achievement Supplier), Air Force Material Command (Blue Ribbon Contractor) and National Instruments (Certified Alliance Partner).