W hether it’s design and construction of complete TurboFan test cells, or the upgrade of existing test cells and maintenance facilities, Atec has the experience, low cost and advantages to offer best value.

Our 64 years of technical background involving turbine engine test and support is top rank. Now with 90 engineers and an active construction/field group, we can undertake any AeroEngine Test Cell project. Our linkages to SMEs, niche subcontractors and the world’s largest engineering & construction firms are very strong. Atec has a long history and active relationships with all of the jet engine OEMs of the western world. Vital Link adds to our test cell construction, noise suppression and field service capabilities. Atec’s recent contract to provide ADAQ 4.0 for engine control and data acquisition for a major European Commercial engine MRO further demonstrates our growth.  Atec can design, build, or modify your test cell, and assist you in getting the approved OEM specific input and equipment required. We can coordinate all parties to assure cost savings, quality, schedule and maintenance.

Turnkey TurboFan Test Cells Design and Construction

  • 10 meter Turbofan Engine Test Cell equipped to test JT8D, JT9D, CFM56, CF6-50, CF6-80C, CF6-80E, and V2500 Engines
  • Collaborative Contracting  construction greatly reduces costs and insures full input
  • 150,000 lb. Overhead Thrust Frame
  • Fuel Storage and Delivery System
  • Portable Control Cab with ADAQ™ Data Acquisition and Control System
  • Large Scale Noise Suppression with Intake Grid, Baffles, Turning Vanes, Screen, Bellmouth, Collector, Augmentor, Cone, Basket & Panels
  • Maintenance Service Agreements (MSAs) available

Upgrade of TurboFan Test Cells


  • Upgrade and modification of Turbofan Test Cells equipped to test PW4000 series, PW2037, CF6-80, and CFM56 Engines
  • Design, Manufacture, and Install Thrust Frames
  • Design, Manufacture, and Install new Engine Test Adapters to support additional engine types
  • Modify existing Engine Test Adapters
  • Replace existing support equipment with Atec designed and manufactured support equipment to match larger thrust frame capability
  • Design, Manufacture, and Install infra-sound cone for noise abatement
  • Utilize Overhead Monorail Systems to increase Test Cell productivity
  • Install new Wash Bay

Sample Projects

  • HAI/GE Greece 10m Cell Upgrade
  • WZL/PW Poland 12m Cell Mods
  • Kalitta Michigan 10m Cell Construction (see video)
  • Delta/PW Atlanta 12m-6m Cell Mods (see video)
  • China Eastern 11m Cell Mods/Adapter
  • Dover AFB CF6/TF39 10m Cell Mods
  • Saudia Air Mods & APU Cell
  • AOI 7m Mods & Duncan 6m Construction (TFE731) Cells
  • TWA St. Louis 7m Cell Construction

Key Features

  • SuperLean™ Tilt Wall construction panels
  • Arachnid™ interior engine handling frame
  • New or Refurbished interior fabrications
  • Fast Track Project Schedule
  • Full performance for high bypass turbofan engines, 10K-90K lbs thrust
  • Efficient construction methodology that has set a new low cost for this type of facility
  • Modern, reliable intercom and video systems
  • State of the art ADAQ™ system with modular control room
  • Fuel delivery/air start packaged system
  • FAA Approved for Test Cells, Thrust Test and Control Systems