Support Equipment & Systems Overview

A tec specializes in the engine specific ground support equipment and ancillary support systems required for turbine engine testing. Atec designs, manufactures, constructs, installs and maintains test cell support equipment, substantiating one of our biggest advantages. We support all turbine engine types: turboprop, turboshaft, APU, turbojet and turbofan.

Atec and subsidiary, Celtech Corp., manufacture and repair aeroengine test cells and test stands. Vital Link manufactures, moves and repairs hush houses and subsystems for aeroengine test and support. The A/M37T-20 jet and A/M37T-21 turboprop intermediate test stands are configuration controlled per USAF standards. Atec’s Commercial Test Cell products emphasize Green Technology, Modularity, Scalability, low cost and proven application of leading edge science. Our team includes over 130 engineers, aerodynamicists, physicists and materials scientists, along with procurement, manufacturing and construction professionals. Together, we manufacture the latest configurations of Engine Test Adapters, Fuel Systems, Air Systems, Starters, Engine Stands/Mounts and Data Acquisition & Control Systems for F100, F101, F110, F119, F124, F125, F135, F404, F414, J58, J79, J85, TF34, TFE731, T53, T56, AE2100, PT6, T700 and many other military engines. Similarly, we offer modern and legacy support equipment solutions for the most popular commercial aviation engines.

As worldwide IDIQ contractor for T20 and T21 test stands and Hush House repairs and support, Atec, Celtech and now Vital Link have undertaken an internal effort to evaluate obsolescence, component sourcing, technology refreshment and modernization under our Atec Improvement Machine (AIM) process.  Although these systems still function under original design parameters, technology and industry have changed and improved many operational components. Such incremental component improvements during long term, recurring maintenance programs have provided effective technological refreshment of these long-fielded systems.

Whether for new manufacture or for repairs, Atec companies apply form, fit, function, familiarity and interface considerations for our equipment. To maintain configuration and compatibility, our team is committed to proper submission and approvals per USN & USAF standards. And don’t forget, that combined with Celtech’s heritage involving Space Corp., Page Avjet, Knight Aerospace, and ASE, along with Vital Link’s ties to J4, Excellotech, and old IAC, we can help on thousands of legacy items. Together, we support 35,000 NSN parts.

Engine Support Equipment

  • Overhead Thrust Frames
  • Intermediate Test Stand Systems
  • Ground Thrust Frames
  • Engine Adapter Kits
  • Vectored-Thrust Test Systems
  • Dress Gear
  • Engine & Ancillary Equipment Mounts
  • Inlet Bellmouths & Screens
  • Probes (Temperature, Airflow & Vibration)
  • Cables & Hoses
  • Starter Gearbox & Air Start System Adapters
  • Noise Suppression Equipment
  • Shop Air Systems
  • Engine Starter Systems
  • SARs CSI & CAI Approval to manufacture/repair critical items


  • Data Acquisition Systems
  • Facility/Engine PLCs
  • Digital Timers
  • Engine Throttle System
  • Fuel Pressure Test Sets
  • Standard Day Unit
  • Intercom Systems
  • Camera Systems
  • Ancillary Support Systems
  • Fuel Delivery Systems (Hot Fuel)
  • Engine Air Start Systems
  • Oil Preservation Systems
  • Inlet & Exhaust Systems
  • Facility Control
  • Fire Suppression Systems