epair orders are in full swing for the Atec companies’ IDIQ contracts. Speedy maintenance is matched with long term sustainment. Configuration control and compatibility fosters field effectiveness. Obsolescence has been overcome by compatible technology refreshment during timely repairs. We are committed to best value continuous incremental improvement for our repair customers.

Since obtaining these contracts, Atec Field Service Teams—comprised of FSRs, engineers, technicians, and logisticians at Atec, Vital Link and Celtech—have been deployed worldwide to support and repair test systems and hush houses for the US military and NASA. We know timely performance is important, so we have grown our field services and engineering teams. Additionally, we have enlarged our ready spares and inventories of long lead items to accommodate needs. We emphasize quick repairs that put broken equipment back in service first, followed by needed ECs and other maintenance & sustainment program work to bring sites into proper configuration.

Atec is a recognized expert in the engine test field and regularly works with the DOD providing these types of Atec & other OEM items and services in support of F-35, F-22, F-18, F-16, F-15, F-5, F-4, B-52, B-2, B-1, A-10, T-38, C-130 and other aircraft.

A thorough review of these systems has advanced many new improvements, while preserving compatibility and configuration. We understand maintenance, spares and the savings from keeping older equipment up to date and working.


Test Stands IDIQ

Atec is the USAF’s IDIQ contractor for T-20 and T-21 test stand repair, support and refurbishment. Our subsidiary, Celtech held the USAF worldwide IDIQ Contract for over 10 years and Atec has been supporting the test stand IDIQ contract for the past 5 years. The contract has now been renewed for another 5 years. Atec and Celtech equipment are continuously improved under strict configuration, and found in US and Allied military use worldwide. We look forward to continuing support for our warfighters.

Hush House & Noise Suppressor IDIQ 

Our subsidiary, Vital Link is USAF’s IDIQ contractor for Hush House repairs, refurbishment and relocation services. VLI has refurbished & relocated over thirty (30) Noise Suppressors/Engine Test Cells including T-4s, T-8s, T-9s, T-10s, T-11s, T-12s, and USN Aircraft Acoustical Enclosures.  Vital Link has been providing test enclosure support since the 1990s, and has also developed leading edge products such as ultra-quiet cabs, ESAK augmentor packing, noise abatement panels, door and facility controls and more.

Additionally, Vital Link now offers Fire Suppression System repairs, including replacement of Halon with Novec, and use of other green retardments, super fine water mist, CO2, etc.

Naval Engine Test Systems IDIQ

Atec’s NETS is the USN’s IDIQ contractor for DAS and Engine Test system support and maintenance. This contract is to repair and maintain the JETI, SETI, TPTI and related DAS and Test systems. A spares depot is maintained at Cherry Point, NC. Repairs, installs, inspections, programming, shipboard support and factory manufacture are covered under the program.

Atec, Celtech and Vital Link are uniquely qualified to properly integrate test system solutions to US military configurations worldwide.

  • Remote troubleshooting assistance
  • 130 engineers expert in Depot and Intermediate engine test
  • Hush houses, test cells & stands worldwide for USAF & USN
  • Experienced FSRs to perform site surveys, evaluate equipment and verify customer needs
  • Extend systems and platforms life in budget crunch
  • Technology refreshment for expanded requirements
  • Overcome obsolescence issues for recurring maintenance needs
  • Provide maintenance status monitoring and preventative solutions
  • Incremental modernization that is compatible with military form, fit, function and interface requirements during repairs in response to obsolescence
  • Match refreshed support equipment to upgraded refreshed versions of older aircraft
  • Repair and Refurbish both in the field and in the factory
  • Understanding of both the digital and analog gage ages
  • Savings on re-procurement of new systems, spares, training, documentation, operator familiarity

Team Approach

The Atec, Celtech and Vital Link team has a long history supporting all branches of the US Armed Forces, NASA and Allies. Hundreds of repair & refurbishment projects have been completed for all branches, including multiple simultaneous repairs, working throughout CONUS and OCONUS, managing obsolescence & configuration control, and implementing significant product improvements by our companies. This efficiency has produced legendary life cycle cost savings, and impressive positive feedback from our military customers.

Atec puts an emphasis on common configurations, standardizing equipment & systems, providing up to date documentation, updating through the ECP Approval Process, as well as providing our 24/7 Hotline and remote assistance by phone, email, shareware and video.

To provide fast return to operations and optimized long life, Atec delivers a triaged repairs and sustainment approach:

  • Troubleshooting, Equipment Return to Service
    • Streamlined, speedy problem reporting; site coordination with Base
  • Confirmed, Planned and Approved Repairs for Sustainment
    • Central coordination through WRALC
  • Modernization/Optimization
    • EC & repair approval process; dependable, updated standard configurations

24/7 Hotline

Our 24/7 Hotline is a toll-free number that Maintainers and Operators call for urgent support with problems and questions in the field. It is a proven, closed-loop, follow-up assured, manned data-collecting process for dealing with urgent customer inquiries. When a call comes in, the caller is patched real time to our live Field Service Representatives. We also have additional engineers and technical support staff that can assist the FSRs with unique problems. A good percentage of Hotline calls are solved over the phone, but if additional help is needed, a PWS is opened stating the specific work and schedule that needs to be completed. Our FSR’s are often retired/ex military and are very familiar with the equipment, needs, and the IDIQ contracts. Many calls have led to equipment being shipped to Atec, Celtech or Vital Link for repairs, or site visits by our field teams where additional problems are often discovered and addressed. Since the Hotline’s inception, we have received, responded, and resolved hundreds of issues. Call us with your urgent engine test problem.