Supplier Management is crucial at Atec. Modeled on the programs of our aerospace and energy prime customers, we have had an active supplier program for many years. Personnel in Quality, Procurement, Production, Logistics, Inspection, Stores and Engineering all participate in our Supplier Management Program. Identification of important suppliers and proactive efforts to gain the best possible/compliant production from our suppliers is crucial to schedule. Our Atec Team includes our Suppliers—we can’t succeed with without them. Beyond contracting terms, we work to assist our suppliers with technical assistance, open communications, a relationship outlook and timely payment. In 67 years, we have dealt fairly with all suppliers. Quarterly we review the statistics of all purchasing. Small businesses, small disadvantaged businesses and similar entities are emphasized to spread opportunity throughout our community. Our Small Business Subcontracting Program has been hugely successful, comprising  over 80% of our purchasing in 2018 and 2019.

When problems do arise, Atec has the sophistication to coordinate remedial efforts and root cause analysis with our supplier moving to mitigate future risks. Technical capability, procurement experience, quality system, inspection, supplier assistance and long-term fairness in dealing are the keys to our excellent Supplier Team.

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