Space Flight Components Overview

A tec, Inc. specializes in the design, manufacture, and integration of complex test systems and quality critical components. Our production engineering expertise separates us from other manufacturing companies when both reliability and cost are important. Atec has the best in 5-Axis CNC machining, coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), 3D additive metal and plastic printers, 9-Axis capable waterjet, laser cutters, CNC toroid coil winders, cryogenic liquid flow test benches and environmental test chambers. We can deliver to the tightest tolerances and most exacting requirements. We can advise our customers on motor controls, automation, actuation, remote  control, AI, CNC, electron beam welding, friction joining, bracing, stress relief, electronic test, environmental test, acoustics, vibration and many other technologies that can reduce manufacturing and operating costs. We are currently manufacturing liquid rocket engine cryogenic valves for multiple launch vehicles and have participated in 140 consecutive launch successes. We manufacture and test advanced lithium-ion battery adapter plates that manage power for the International Space Station. Atec is designing, manufacturing, and testing power flow modules that work to prevent system failure on the human crew capsule (CCTS) that will transport astronauts to/from the ISS. Atec was awarded NASA 2016 Agency-Level Small Business Subcontractor of the Year , SBA Region VI 2017 Subcontractor for our support to NASA and Boeing and in 2018 we have been named a DCMA Top 500 Supplier.

Atec has recently partnered with the Houston Airport System for the further development of Ellington Airport and Spaceport Houston. Spaceport Houston is focused on the horizontal takeoff and landing of spaceplanes utilizing Ellington’s long runways and a Gulf of Mexico flight path for passenger flights connecting through Houston’s two international airports. Combined with the very large fabrication of Vital Link, the laser cutting of Celtech, and Hager’s waterjetting, with Atec’s 5 axis machining and new additive metal printing, we offer the very latest in manufacturing techniques for demanding space applications. Spaceflight business growth in volume and complexity, now has our company providing complete Program Management services for complex systems, equipment lines, and long-term component streams Atec and its forerunners have a storied history in the early days of NASA and we are proud to be active and growing today.