tec is quickly becoming the recognized leader in test cells for aircraft auxiliary power units (APUs). Our history since 1953 and our project experience on modern APU test platforms over the last five years, have placed Atec at the forefront of APU test cell design and construction. Vital Link and Atec are experienced and licensed for Turboshaft & APU test cells by major OEMs. Combined with our modular utilities, subsystems and enclosures, we offer uncompromised relocatability for important APU test assets. This allows equipment financing, faster depreciation and resale value.

This strong resale market allows Atec to offer favorable payments and project financing to Phoenix™ Test Cell customers. Such financing can often be spread monthly over three fiscal years to accommodate customer cash flow needs, and works particularly well for APU cells. Customers and APU manufacturers like the common configuration, short delivery time, quick installation and fast startup of Atec’s modular test cells.

We offer a proven control system for APU test applications with auto-run, remote communication, and many other features in ADAQ™. Our Fire Suppression/Safety Systems, and total environmental fit approach make our Phoenix™ APU Cells locatable almost anywhere. We recently located two cells in the parking lot of a business park with all permits and neighbor acceptances. Contact us for any of your APU test cell needs.

Atec APU Test Cell Features:

  • ADAQ (multi-engine applications)
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Acoustically-treated (interior and exterior)
  • Universal bleed air measurement system (multiple settings)
  • Scalable resistive/reactive load bank systems (generator loading)
  • AC/DC electric starter systems optional
  • Air start systems available
  • Skidded/packaged subsystems
  • Modular & movable
  • Can be financed, depreciated as equipment

APU Models familiar to Atec include:

  • UTAS Hamilton Sundstrand:
    • T62 Series APUs
    • APS 500 Series APUs
    • APS 1000 Series APUs
    • APS 2000 Series APUs
    • APS 2100 APUs
    • APS 3200 APUs
  • Honeywell:
    • GTCP131 Series APUs
    • GTCP331 Series APUs
    • GTCP36 Series APUs
    • GTCP85 Series APUs
    • RE 220 APUs
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada:
    • APS5000 Series APUs
    • APS3200 Series APUs
    • PW901A/C Series APUs
    • APS2300 Series APUs
  • Safran Power Units:
    • Saphir Series APUs
    • eAPUU60 Series APUs
    • APS500 APUs
    • APS2(800) APUs