Atec’s capabilities in managing customer programs and projects has grown dramatically over the past five years. Starting with the business development effort, Atec companies strive to understand client needs and objectives. Next, estimates, bids and proposals detail the joint solution(s). Risk, quality and production planning reviews comprise important portions of our Job Kickoff process, under the supervision of our Project Managers. Contract Administrators assist with contract documentation, deliverables, requirements, and client inquiries.

Engineering supports a preliminary design review and make/buy decisions, moving project action to manufacturing and purchasing. Atec’s document and configuration control assure the proper (latest) item version is produced, integrated with our multilevel inspection and quality control efforts. Suppliers are carefully selected, supervised and assisted by our Supplier Management Program. Many of our purchased items are critical, and we strive to get successful deliveries from our suppliers through manufacturing aids, premanufacturing visits, inspections, shipping & handling assistance and certifications. Our new Global Shop ERP system facilitates our internal and external efforts, with full visibility to PMs and others. Where changes arise, our early notification program insures all parties are working together to mitigate schedule and cost impacts. Periodic cost and schedule reports (monthly to quarterly) give our project group and management the tools to keep our projects on track.

Time and dependability are important to our customers, even where fixed price orders are involved. Where Atec and our customers have joint success incentives under Collaborative Contracting, cost reduction and schedule adherences are fostered by capable PMs, our ERP system, and a supportive officer management team.

  • Estimating/Bids
  • Risk Reviews
  • Kickoff Reviews
  • Contract Administration
  • Purchasing & Expediting
  • Multi Tier Design Reviews
  • Production/Capacity Planning
  • Document & Config. Control
  • Vendor Management
  • In-Plant Inspections
  • Field Inspections & Services
  • Global Shop ERP
  • PM Group/Administration