From the design and construction of brick & mortar Turboshaft/Prop test cells to the manufacture of modular cells to the upgrade and overhaul of existing facilities, Atec has the products and experience to support you. Atec has been the Prime contractor on many large-scale turboshaft engine test facilities, and we offer the most innovative menu of solutions.  Atec’s newest team member, Vital Link, has extensive experience with turboshaft test projects coordinated from the US and UK. Additionally, Atec and Celtech offer proven, tarmac-based intermediate systems for turboshaft/prop testing.

Upgrade and Overhaul Existing Facilities: Fixed or Portable

Design and Construct Turnkey Turboshaft & Turboprop Test Cells

Configurable for Multi-Engine Applications, such as:

  • Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6, APUs
  • Pratt & Whitney 100, 150, 200
  • Rolls Royce T56, 501, AE2100 (J)
  • Rolls Royce (Allison) A250, T63, RR300, RR500
  • General Electric T64, T58, T38
  • General Electric T700, CT7, GE38, T407/408
  • Honeywell T53, T55, TPE331, AGT 1500, HTS 400, LTS101, CTS800, APUs
  • Safran Turbomeca Arrius, Arriel, TM333, Arrano, Ardiden, Makila, RTM322
  • Safran Power Units APUs


  • Turnkey engine test facilities: fixed masonry or portable
  • Equipped to test multiple engines
  • ADAQ™ Data Acquisition and Control System
  • Choice of Engine Loading Systems
  • Regenerative Electric Dynamometers – Green Power Approach
  • Hydraulic Dynamometers with Complete Closed-Loop Cooling Water System
  • Air Dynamometers, Propellers

Some of our Turboshaft Customers:

  • USN/USMC Air Depot in Cherry Point, NC
  • Bristow in New Iberia, LA
  • RollsWood Group in Sugar Land, TX
  • Colombian Air Force/GE in Madrid, Colombia
  • Bell/McTurbine in Corpus Christi, TX
  • Indonesian Air Force in Halim, Indonesia
  • USAF, ANG, US Army and USN in worldwide locations
  • Romanian Air Force in Bucharest, Romania
  • USN/French Air Force DGA in Bordeaux, France
  • Lockheed Martin in Marietta, GA
  • HeliOne in Stavanger, Norway
  • Piaggio in Savona, Italy
  • AAMROC in Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Rolls-Royce in Indianapolis, In

Samples of our Turboshaft Projects:

T64/T700 Turboshaft Engine Test Cell

Atec has handled many significant projects in terms of complexity and cost. As part of a project for the Navy, Atec demolished the existing internal system and a completely new test system was installed. Atec was instrumental in the design of a custom water-dynamometer, which allows the T64 and T700 engines to be tested inside the same test cell.

This included:
• Retrofit of T400 Engine Test Cell to accommodate T64 and T700 Series Turboshaft Engine Testing
• Design, manufacture, and install universal engine test stand
• Hydraulic dynamometers
• Closed-loop dynamometer cooling water system
• Improved airflow
• New ADAQ™, data acquisition and control system
• Upgraded operator control room, Fuel Delivery and measurement system, and new Air Start system for the T700 engine
• Install of new water cooling tower and piping, dual water dynamometer system (or the Versatile Engine Test System, VETS), electric start system for the T-64 engine
• Modification to the Air Intake system and new Exhaust system
• Upgraded Fire System
• Hazmat disposal of excavated soil and asbestos abatement in several areas