Finance & Administration Overview

A t  Atec, Inc., our Engineers and Machinists have hands-on roles in the projects we complete, but our Contract Administrators, Accounting professionals, Marketing specialists, and other support staff work behind the scenes to ensure the success of every project we undertake, as well as the day-to-day operations of our 300 employee-strong company.


Our Human Resources department handles recruiting and hiring, scrutinizes the talent that is available and adds skilled and knowledgeable workers to the Atec team. Our HR department also administers employee benefit plans, provides guidance to personnel, and acts as an advocate for every Atec staff member.

Thanks to our IT department, Atec is constantly updating our technology and infrastructure to function at maximum efficiency. Whether keeping our computers up-to-date, troubleshooting, or acquiring and implementing new programs and hardware to stay on the cutting-edge, our IT department works tirelessly to safeguard Atec data and ensure that every team member has the technology to succeed. Our upgraded server network includes network attached storage (NAS) that feeds two servers with a remote third to achieve complete redundancy and provide disaster recovery. Our shared calendars and contacts increase our collaboration and productivity.

Our Marketing & Development department is uniquely equipped with administrative, sales, and engineering backgrounds, making Atec particularly adept at understanding the needs of our industry. Contracts specialists from both military and commercial backgrounds have the expertise to ensure that the contracting and funding of every project progresses smoothly, while meeting the needs of the customer. Our Marketing professionals bring a combination of sales skills, as well as account-based, web-based, inbound, B2B, B2C, direct, buzz/viral and brand marketing experience, and social media savvy to the table.


In 65 years of business, Atec has paid all proper billings, while building strong banking relationships and maintaining a solid balance sheet. Our competent and dexterous Finance department has the skills to develop creative solutions to funding issues, assist and support budget development, and secure additional financing for project expansion.

Our Finance department is particularly adept at handling:

  • Project Financing 
  • Contracting & Teaming
  • Mergers & Acquistions
  • Letters of Credit
  • Wire Transfers
  • Milestone billing
  • Freight forwarder (NVOCC) contracting
  • Auditing
  • Compliance