Sourcing is at the forefront of Atec’s procurement capabilities and it is essential to the success of all of our endeavors.  Our 67 years of continuous business while paying all suppliers and working in partnership to meet all customer needs has led Atec to develop trusted sources that can meet the most challenging requirements. We fastidiously utilize Commodity Management Planning and execute best practices when procuring raw stock that is used to support our fabrication and machine shop activities. The importance of sourcing quality materials from reliable, vetted suppliers and sources cannot be overstated. Certification documents are obtained and provided for inspection, copying and retention by our customers. Atec has an active Supplier Management Program that coordinates with Quality, Purchasing, and other departments.

Atec Legacy ItemsWe are adept at examining potential sources within the procurement arena and execute the most effective means of acquiring quality items. We expect large fab and transportation sourcing to improve further with Vital Link on our team. Evaluating the quality, reliability, and logistical requirements of manufacturers and fabricators is paramount to our success because the quality of the products we create stems directly from the quality of the materials we use for fabrication.

The quality of the products we create stems directly from the quality of the materials we use for fabrication.

For customers in need of unique or uncommon specialty items, ranging from exotic alloys to scarce electronics, our procurement specialists have the experience and skill to find likely sources of procurement and negotiate reasonable terms. We maintain long-term relationships with our suppliers and depend on the acumen of our buyers and staff members when involving our team of sourcing professionals.

While our buyers do not sacrifice the quality of sourced materials in the interest of minor savings, we do develop alternative ways to save our customers money whenever possible. We present options that include high-quality used or refurbished parts when available, and can make use of surplus materials when available and acceptable. Celtech, Vital Link and Hager Machine offer additional resources for helping to meet crucial production schedules. For obsolete or hard to find items, our SARs CSI and CAI approval to manufacture/repair such critical items offers our customers another important sourcing option.

The logistics of sourcing is another area in which Atec shines. In addition to finding the necessary materials for a job, our buyers understand the value of finding materials or fabrication in strategic locations to benefit our customers and projects. Today, half of Atec’s business is external and sourcing is often crucial to project success. Atec buyers collaborate with our shipping specialists to coordinate the timely travel of materials, including items in need of expedited delivery.