Atec Test Cell Advantages

Caroline Bennitt Aviation Support

From 63 years of experience, we are aware of Atec’s position in the test cell marketplace. We can deliver project success to any test cell project. Our tenured expertise and external linkages are unexcelled. Atec has active relationships with all major aeroengine OEMs. We are a gold supplier to the world’s largest aircraft manufacturer. Our contracting methods are the most flexible in our test cell industry. Atec’s ownership and direction have been stable for 40 years, and our employee tenure is world renowned. Below is a list that highlights the benefits of working with Atec versus other providers on your test cell needs:

  1. Tilt-Wall/Pre Cast Concrete
    • Faster & lower cost
    • Reduced labor hours, reduced labor expertise
    • Stronger & quieter concrete by custom ingredients/mix
    • Less structure because thrust frame not part of building
  2. Independent Thrust Frame
    • Adaptable to any equipment
    • Isolates vibration & stress from building
  3. Control Cab (exterior)
    • Moveable & Modular
    • Changeable without construction
    • Isolated from vibration & noise
  4. Skidded Utilities/Subsystems (exterior)
    • Moveable & Modular
    • Changeable without construction
    • Repairable without interior test cell interruption
  5. ADAQ™ is proven in 50 diverse utilizations since 2006
    • National Instruments – Labview, LabWindows & CVI
    • COTS hardware for easy servicing
    • Owner configurable for screens, TPSs, trending, auto test, more
    • Running Turbofans, Turboshafts, APUs and test benches now
    • Originally written for open (user) micro server implementations; not a super proprietary minicomputer conversion
  6. Tenured, stable Ownership, Management & Tech staff
  7. Progressive Contracting
    • Shared, hybrid contract efforts
    • Collaborative – work jointly with user
    • Building commercial resume at lower margin
    • Local subs and offset initiatives utilized
    • Owner or construction company can be prime
  8. Service/Support
    • Electronic distance help network
    • 24/7 Emergency Hotline
    • World-wide FSR teams
    • MSAs & Repairs
    • Training & service agents
  9. Green
    • All above ground
    • Modular, contained, visible
    • Changeable, Serviceable, & Inspectable
  10. Approvals, Certifications & Licensing
    • AS9100c, ISO9001, and ISO 14001 Regimens
    • FAA Certification of ADAQ, TurboFan Test Cell and Thrust Measurement System
    • Honeywell Engines and APUs Licensee
    • SAE Test Cell Subcommittee (EG-1E) & AIAA TETWoG Member
    • State Department & DOD ITAR, FCPA, Export and Manufacturing (SAMs) approvals
    • Boeing Gold Supplier, and self-release for many other OEMs
    • Accounting, ERP and Contract Administration systems approvals