Record Year for Energy Services

Caroline Bennitt Oil Patch

2011 was a record year for our Energy Services group.  For that, our thanks go out to our loyal clients. This past year demand in the field rose, and Atec jumped to the challenge by expediting orders so our customers could better serve their clients. Our continued team work with our customers in resolving obsolescence issues kept the orders flowing. …

Engine Test Cell Challenges 2012 and Beyond

Caroline Bennitt Aviation Support

Engine Test Cells have been around for the aviation industry since the dawn of the industry.  The Wright Brothers performed extensive testing on their small piston engine to verify performance with their belt driven propeller system.  As mechanics, they understood not only that a motor is only as good as the parts and the people who put those parts together, …

2011 Rocket Launches

Caroline Bennitt Atec in Space

January 20, 2011 – Vandenberg Air Force Base – NROL 49 Atec’s 2011 launch schedule began with the maiden voyage of a Delta 4-Heavy rocket from California,  the largest booster ever flown from the West Coast. The RL-10 engine upper stage deployed a crucial and clandestine replacement satellite into a polar orbit for the National Reconnaissance Office’s sophisticated constellation. The …

MROs must be both Technically and Business Savvy

Caroline Bennitt Aviation Support

Test Cells still have the same mission as they did with the Wright Brothers: verifying engine performance prior to flight.  How that mission gets accomplished however is very different  today. The hand-loaded engine mount and cables/hoses have been replaced by automated coupling systems that join fuel and electrical connections. The engine adapter connections are intertwined with the Test Cell Control …

Machining and Measures

Caroline Bennitt Around Atec

My name is Mark Cummings. I am the Machine Shop Manager here at Atec Inc. I have been employed in the machining industry since 1977. Many things have changed since the 70s, but here in our shop, ownership in a job well done has never gone out of style. To achieve the highest quality, a shop must have three things. …

2011 Recap in the Community

Caroline Bennitt Atec in the Community

In June 2011, Atec sponsored a clothing drive for Second Mile Mission Center,  a charity local to the Stafford/Sugar Land area. More than 40 Atec employees contributed over 300 items of clothing, many of them items for children, for donation to the area’s less fortunate to make the drive a success. The clothing drive, coordinated by Atec HR Manager Meghan Major, …

Atec, Inc., featured in the Houston Chronicle, Feb. 18, 2011

Caroline Bennitt News

We are proud to announce that Sandra Bretting of the Houston Chronicle Business Section wrote an article on Atec on Sunday, February 18, 2011. The article features an interview with CEO Howard Lederer, in which he shares Atec’s history and accomplishments spanning the nearly 60 years that Atec has been in business.

Atec helps sponsor Boy Scouts Record-Breaking Rocket Launch

Caroline Bennitt Atec in the Community

Atec was a corporate sponsor for the world record-breaking rocket launch at the Boy Scout SHAC Jam on October 9th, 2010. The successful launch of 3,130 rockets built by the scouts beat the previous record of 965, set in 2007, by a scout troop from Austin, Texas. Boy Scouts from all over the Sam Houston Area Council gathered at the Texas …