Leadership in Military Engine Support

Caroline Bennitt News

Atec has been a key provider of military aircraft engine support since the 1960s. Today, our companies provide services, products and facilities for testing and maintaining most of our militaries’ major engines. Legacy jet engines—we have the history to sustain the older turbines. State of the art fighter engines—our technical team supports the programs for the F22 & F35, as well as the refreshed F16, F15 and F18 worldwide. In turboshaft engines, we are daily involved in T56 (C130) and T700 (Helos) test support CONUS & OCONUS.

No other corporate team offers the full spectrum of hush houses erection to thrust stands to air/fuel/oil/electrical subsystems to dress gear to approved data-control systems to site surveys to repairs to sustainment contracts. Our products and personnel can be found at bases, stations, docks and shipboard worldwide. Much of our equipment and systems are the accepted configuration for our air defense forces and their allies. We have the depth to continue service for older configurations, while working to offer refreshment and innovation for upgrade programs and new aircraft propulsion. As the lives of so many defense aircraft get extended, Atec Companies offer the one significant supplier that has been there since the beginning and is growing even stronger into the future. And we are well familiar with contracting and funding vehicles for moving those projects forward.

Support to the USAF, USN and our allies on these important programs requires the right personnel, and Atec, Vital Link, and Celtech have an unmatched experienced team to deliver military engine support. Our growth has built large engineering groups in all disciplines, over a dozen field teams, manufacturing depth and procurement capability to offer confidence to our crucial defense customers. Our focus on the details supporting each of these engines over 65 years has built the trust in our US and Allied militaries that we will be there now, in the future and whenever they need us. Our 24/7 Hotline is so popular with operators and maintainers we had to expand it. We provide leadership in test and support of the following crucial military engines: F100, F101, F110, F119, F124, F135, F404, F414, TF33, TF34, J79, J85, T400, T53, T55, T56, T700.

Brian Durbin, EE, VP and head of business development has been the telephone inquiry voice of Atec for many years. He sums it up as, “We have a great group here with such varied experience in different engines and types of testing. Many calls for assistance can be handled by phone but for more challenging cases, we can quickly get a highly skilled Field Service Representative (FSR) out to the cell to resolve it. Often once there, the discussions lead to many other items to fix that were not mentioned in the initial call. Our FSR might go out to repair on a fuel-plumbing issue but then end up fixing other things like an electronic instrumentation problem all in the same trip.”

Contact us with your requirements. We will be there for you.