Remanufacturing: Repair Strength at Atec

Caroline Bennitt Uncategorized

Over our 67-year history, Atec Companies have dealt with about every item in allied military engine support. Because aeroengines are physically substantial, test and support systems have precision steel framing. Important subcomponents often have salvageable housings, interior parts, connectors, etc. Such key components may also be out of manufacture, and “reman” repair may be the only affordable solution. In other cases, component advances may offer alternative ways to perform equipment functions and can often provide technology refreshment to older gear that remains form, fit and function the same under a program of repair. Electronics has changed dramatically—analog to digital, micro sized, lighter etc. Yet, the heavy metal may still be unchanged. And with today’s measurement techniques, reverse engineering to replace that crucial part is often viable. Beyond our 9 axis machining, we can even create that part with our 3D printers!

Costs for bringing new equipment or systems into your operation can go way beyond procurement of the broken or worn item. Training, supplies, spare parts, sourcing, evaluation, testing, output checking, documentation, configuration/commonality, CapEx vs. Maintenance budgeting and other considerations can balloon the real total cost of new equipment. Atec has seen many times the relief from operations crews that we can remanufacture and technology refresh important older gear they need to operate. Often, we can refurb their older gear while giving them modernized features, all without having to go through the procurement and organizational turmoil that new equipment would dictate.

Some remanufacturing products could include:

  • Engine Test Adapters
  • Oil Preservation Systems
  • Thrust/Test Stands
  • Fuel Systems
  • Air Start Systems
  • Bellmouths, Screens, Seals
  • Cables and Hoses
  • Hardware, Housing & Accessories
  • Dress Gear & TNE
  • Suitcase Testers

  • Actuation Systems
  • Starter Gearboxes
  • Downhole Tools
  • Surface Equipment
  • Test & Support Gear
  • Test Benches
  • Control Cabins
  • Control Systems
  • Pump & Compressor Systems
  • and more…




If you have older gear that is important to future operations and the best solution is not readily apparent, contact Brian Durbin, Chris Buttry, or Mike Rigdon at Atec. Sustainment is our thing!