FSRs on the Go!

Caroline Bennitt News

“Who do you want in your foxhole?”

It’s a question born out of military combat action, but for the rest of us, it can be a question we ask to determine who we want at hand in challenging times or when difficult decisions need to be made. When it comes to the complex, highly specialized engine support work Atec’s customers need done all over the world, they are glad that Atec Field Service Reps (FSRs) are in the foxhole with them to make sure their jobs get done right.

Atec FSRs are experienced professionals dedicated to company and country who spend countless hours away from home to keep our Nation’s and her Allies’ aircraft flying. We have strategically hired military veterans with engine test cell experience to our FSR team because they inherently understand the important nature of the work we do. Atec and its subsidiaries comprise the world’s most experienced corporation dealing with military turbine engine test and support. We build our unmatched products and service our customers’ components at our plants in Texas and New Mexico, as well as on site at our numerous installations around the world. Coordinating the various aspects of these jobs requires the expertise, reliability, knowledge, and problem-solving skills of our FSR team.

When an Atec FSR gets assigned to a jobsite, our customers know they have at their side a person with tremendous knowledge of the components, materials, tools, documentation, clearances, and personnel associated with the work. From the far Pacific to CONUS bases, the FSR assigned to each job must coordinate and manage all of these moving parts to make sure all that is needed is available, working, and good-to-go. He will have answers to critical questions that arise throughout the course of a job, and he is directly available to a customer at any time via our 24/7 customer hotline. Currently, Atec’s FSRs are spending much of their time supporting the Engine Test Stands/Cells Repairs and Sustainment (ETS) contract for our largest customer – the United States Air Force (USAF). Under the ETS contract, our FSRs are working hand-in-hand with the assigned USAF team to repair and refurbish essential engine materials for our service men and women. It’s an honor to send our best – our FSRs – to work with the USAF in this important work.

Meet our senior FSR leadership:


Bart White

Experience: 20 years at Atec; 6 years in USAF

Atec’s Sustainment Services manager spent 6 years in the active duty as an F-15 crew chief and was stationed at Langley AFB as well as Bitburg and Spangdahlem AFBs in Germany. His experience as an FSR has been invaluable to our customers in numerous OCONUS projects.

FUN FACT: Bart has flown in a B-17 bomber!


Rich Bryan

Experience: 5 years at Atec; 26 years in USAF; Atec’s Field Services Manager

Rich brings over two decades of test cell experience to the Atec FSR team. While in the USAF, he was stationed across the globe (Misawa, Dyess, Osan, Beale, Kadena, and Langley AFBs). He is Atec’s F-100 engine guru and has enjoyed such projects as repairing a T-21 Test stand in Romania.

FUN FACT: Rich was a champion softball player on base during his active duty years with the Air Force.


James Betus

Experience: 7 years at Atec; 6 years in USAF; 22 years Texas Air National Guard; Sr. FSR

James has a lifetime of engine test knowledge and experience. His 6 years as a USAF jet engine mechanic helped him become an expert in F110 engines, and his additional two decades with the ANG prepared him well to join ATEC as an FSR. His favorite Atec project was converting a 4-bay test cell to run on Atec equipment.

FUN FACT: James has flown in an F-16 – he says it is an intense ride!

Atec and Vital Link FSRs onsite together at JBER.