Atec Manufactured Battery Adapter Plates Installed on ISS

Caroline Bennitt Atec in Space

NASA Flight engineers completed an almost 7-hour spacewalk today to install and connect lithium-ion batteries and battery adapter plates. The new lithium-ion batteries are replacing the old nickel-hydrogen batteries and have improved power capacity.  The astronauts also did work to prepare for future spacewalks by adding handrails to navigate the worksites. Future spacewalks will include additional upgrades of the batteries and adapter plates.

To date, the International Space Station now has a total of 12 Atec Manufactured Adapter Plates and eventually all power on the station will be flowing through Atec produced equipment. Atec manufactured and tested 27 Lithium-Ion Battery Adapter Plates at our main plant in Stafford. Atec is proud to provide hardware for the International Space Station.

The next Spacewalk is scheduled for April 8th. Tune in on NASA Television.