Atec Opens Singapore Office

Caroline Bennitt Uncategorized

Atec has opened a Singapore Branch and hired Kok Pin (KP) Tan as Manager. KP Tan is a graduate Mechanical Engineer with 18 years of aeroengine support experience. KP has worked for many of the engine OEMs and we are excited to add him to our team. His knowledge and proximity will allow us to respond quickly to our Asian and Pacific customers. “Business abroad has picked up and we have decided to open an office in Singapore to better serve our customers,” said Paul Fenley, Atec President and COO.

KP has directed field teams supporting test cell maintenance for years. “We aim to be quick and responsive. We are here and ready to inspect your equipment and test facilities. I am honored to join such a great group of companies and be able to offer field support from Singapore as a service, and as an extension of the Atec Companies,” said KP. Atec field teams provide troubleshooting and remote assistance, and now immediate response in Europe, Asia and Africa. Customers frequently request site surveys to scope and spec a new project, or to analyze asset or process status in conjunction with a repair.

For Atec, KP Tan will oversee required site surveys, proposals, test cell and equipment repairs, sustained maintenance, in-country tech assistance, installation coordination and MSA activities.

Atec’s growth has our company with offices in Houston, Sealy, Carlsbad, OKC, London, Dubai, Istanbul and now, Singapore. “We are committed to local or nearby support for our expanding international customers. Atec is thrilled to add KP Tan to our growing family worldwide,” offered Howard Lederer, Atec Chairman.