MRO Test Cell in Miami for JA Aerocell

Caroline Bennitt News

Atec has been awarded a significant contract to provide engineering, procurement and installation services, along with a full suite of equipment for a new test cell for JA Aerocell, LLC, an affiliate of Turbine Engine Center, Inc. The cell will be capable of testing engines up to 50,000 pounds of thrust, and is scheduled for completion in late 2018. “Atec has followed this opportunity for years. Our commitment to customer service, our flexibility in contracting, our heavy shop fab & refurbishment capabilities, and our enlarged technical staff with over 100 engineers, seem to have made the difference in Atec being selected. ADAQ’s™ growing popularity as the value leader in modern DAS systems was certainly key as well. We are giving JAA a lot of modern bang for their buck here, as we have done recently for others like Kalitta and SR Technics”, remarked Paul Fenley, Atec President and COO.

Atec will begin efforts with CFD and Acoustics studies, followed by determination of any needed facility modifications. Next, equipment ranging from Inlet system, Test Section Panels, Exhaust system, Thrust Frame & Adapters, Monorail/Hoists, Fuel system, Fire Suppression systems, Air Start systems, Doors package, ADAQ™ controls system, and Acoustics will all be addressed per the contract.

Following Acceptance and Correlation Assistance, JAA (TEC) has contracted with Atec for at least 3 years of sustainment assistance per a Maintenance & Service Agreement (MSA). The project is underway with a kickoff, and preliminary/design review scheduled in 4Q 2017. Site work in Medley (north Miami) will begin mid-2018.