David Johnston Onboard from Astronics

Caroline Bennitt News

Atec’s push for excellence in turbine engine test continues with the hiring of David Johnston, EE and former Engineering Director at Astronics Engine Test Systems. Johnston was a key developer of the US Navy’s JETI, SETI and TPTI DAS and Test systems. “To be able to bring in David Johnston and Dave Schafer as renowned turbine test control systems leaders at this moment in time is huge for Atec and our customers. Atec’s ADAQ now has over 60 installations, and we are meshing ENDAS and EDACS from Celtech, FADAS from Vital Link Europe and now JETI, SETI, TPTI and new N-GEN from Astronics, to offer the best in affordable propulsion data acquisition and control,” said Paul Fenley, Atec President.

Honored as Keynote speaker for the 2016 NI Week, David Johnston is a world-recognized developer of National Instruments based systems. All of the systems mentioned above are NI based systems with carefully controlled configurations which can only be modernized through proper military approvals. Others at Atec, Celtech and VLE hold certifications with NI systems as well.

“I’m getting a lifetime opportunity to direct engineering and systems at a place where 100 engineers work on engine test every day. Atec is growing and becoming unique in military engine test – I wanted to become a part of that story, and I’m glad Astronics felt confident in Atec as well. N-GEN will now see full development with ADAQ as we all move forward together,” pronounced David Johnston.

Shelby Clay, retired USAF engine test chief and Celtech sales manager, has been bumping into Racal/EADS/Astronics test systems for years. “It’s exciting to be able to dovetail our Air Force efforts into Navy activities through JETI and David Johnston. I’m seeing the Navy and Air Force cooperate on so many issues – and now propulsion test and sustainment is a big possibility,” said Clay. Another interested party is Maj. Chris Buttry, USMCR, who works for Atec in strategy & development. “I have been preaching technology refreshment and commonality to the Navy and Marines for their engine test & maintenance. Now, we can begin the considered two-step pathway towards both improved fielded systems and development of common compatible next generation systems. Johnston and the Navy test systems are well regarded, and it’s a huge boost to now be at this point,” concluded Buttry.

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