ADAQ OTK™ Launched

Caroline BennittNews

Bradley Richardson, Manager of Electrical Engineering at Atec, Inc., announced the launch of the new ADAQ OTK™ (Offsite Test Kit) portable data acquisition system. Now under contract to a large European aerospace conglomerate, the ADAQ OTK™ will facilitate offsite testing and correlation needs. They are a repeat customer, with ADAQ™ control systems at multiple locations.

“The OTK will provide a common format of offsite testing for Altitude, Fire, Corrosive Atmosphere, Icing, Environmental, Calibration, Recertification, Verification and other Side by Side Tests around their engine and systems control test functions,” said Richardson. Beyond Atec’s test cell construction and mods, ADAQ’s popularity continues to grow. For ADAQ™ users, the OTK allows common software, screens and data configuration for portable applications outside the test cell. We have been developing the ADAQ OTK™ for some time, and we are happy to now be accepting orders.”

Atec, Inc. added significantly to its test cell capability in early January 2017, with the acquisition of Vital Link, Inc. (US) and Vital Link Europe, LLC (UK). VLE has extensive background in software programming and data acquisition & control systems. Contact Katie Brown at 281-276-2790 or fill out the Atec contact form with your welcome inquiries.