Atec Triples LN2 Flow Test Capacity!

Caroline Bennitt Atec in Space

Nitrogen Storage TankAtec adds an additional tank to increase our liquid nitrogen storage from 3000 gallons to a total of 9000 gallons at our facility in SW Houston. This new tank is insulated, 7.1 feet in diameter, 31.8 feet high, and weighs 62,300 pounds. This allows Atec to increase testing volume and not have to interrupt testing for frequent deliveries of LN2. While installing this new large tank, Atec also reviewed and refreshed all other equipment in our cryogenic flow test plant. Atec is readying for a faster paced launch schedule.

Atec is a proud provider of cryogenic fuel valves to Aerojet Rocketdyne for the RL10 final stage engine program. Next week, the MEXSAT-2 launch will utilize Atec’s 113th set of fuel valves.