Atec is Ready for 2015!

Caroline Bennitt Around Atec

At the start of 2014, we had a little over 70 employees. Flash-forward to now and we have grown greatly in size as well as diversity: With 27 bright new faces at Atec across various departments (as well as 5 new hires at Celtech), we are aiming to reach great new heights and expand our already fruitful productivity for 2015.

“We’re taking on new stuff but we’re also improving our core so that we can handle more business. We’ll be a better company prepared for more business,” explained Atec CEO Howard Lederer. “Everything’s a fine balance.”

In addition to new personnel, we’ve also added some brand new machinery and made some renovations. We’ve added more than 2,000 sq. ft. of storage space thanks to the completion of new mezzanines. We’ve also added a secondary clean room in the main production facility and our upgraded Mechanical Inspection and Metrology area, featuring two brand new optical comparators and a CMM.

As we grow and take on new and exciting projects and tasks, we promise to stand by our unwavering commitment to excellence. This influx of brand new people combined with the unbelievably talented and distinguished employees we’re already so fortunate to have will definitely ensure our commitment.

With that said, we’d like to thank VP Dan Carley for his 40 years of service at Atec and David Andrews for his 20 years in Atec’s Machine Shop. Congratulations are also in order for Senior Development Engineer Bart White for winning this year’s Jack Wyatt Award for tireless dedication exemplifying the Atec spirit.

We’ve had the good fortune to progressively grow both our business and our team throughout 2014. And if last year is any indication, we’re certainly headed on the right track towards success in 2015.

From everyone here at Atec: Happy New Year!

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Clean RoomMakino a51 Horizontal Machine Center

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4th Of July F-15 TCG Optical Comparator in Use