NASA Balloon Sonde Recovery

Caroline Bennitt Atec in the Community

Brian Durbin, Atec’s Vice President, and his kids helped a group from NASA recover their weather balloon and payload this past weekend.

NASA Balloon Sonde

Pictured: Kathleen and Robert Durbin with the NASA recovery team



The NASA Team drove out to Missouri City, TX  this past Sunday (August 11) and discovered  this CFH sonde floating in a small lake.  At that time, Brian Durbin and his kids Robert (16)  and Kathleen (12)  were on the lake testing their boat and long tail motor for a gator hunt next month. They were able to help retrieve the CFH for the team in very shallow water (about six inches.)  It turned out that their long-tail motor and shallow draft boat proved to be handy and just the ticket for recovery for the NASA team.

The recovered balloon (shown in the picture above) is a weather balloon-borne instrument package, launched to study ozone in the atmosphere to altitudes of 100,000 feet above the surface of the earth. See the photo and post on NASA’s website.