Machining and Measures

Caroline Bennitt Around Atec

My name is Mark Cummings. I am the Machine Shop Manager here at Atec Inc. I have been employed in the machining industry since 1977. Many things have changed since the 70s, but here in our shop, ownership in a job well done has never gone out of style. To achieve the highest quality, a shop must have three things. You must not only have the right machine for the task and the means to verify the result, but you must also have the right people. All our machinists are very versatile with no less than 15 years of extensive experience in milling and turning.

Our Manual Machine Shop is equipped with turning capacity up to aManual Machining 17 inch diameter and 80 inches between centers. All vertical and horizontal manual mills are fitted with digital readouts and power feed motors. Several shop personnel with tool and cutter grinding experience support the tool crib, which enables us to grind custom tooling in-house as required.

Mori SeikiThe CNC Shop offers state of the art 2 to 4-Axis turning with live tooling, and 3, 4 and 5-Axis milling capabilities. Utilizing the latest Cad/Cam programming tools for toolpath generation and verification, our programmers are able to work directly from customer solid model files. Using the tool and fixturing knowledge of our team, we are able to develop innovative solutions for difficult parts requiring precision machining. Along with recent equipment investments, we consistently hold geometric and positional tolerances as close as .0001 inch and rotary positioning to 2 arc seconds repeatability.